Her Journey


Dabney’s relationship-building skills were evident early on. The always-compassionate child was the diplomat, connector and friend to all.

As the daughter of a career Naval Officer she began forming global friendships as a young girl. With a strong desire to help others, Dabney embarked on a career working with women, children and families, following her graduate studies in Clinical Psychology.

In early 2008, Dabney desired to be home with her children, yet longed to continue doing the work she was so passionate about.   At that time, she used her extensive experience and skills as well as her online presence to become a Personal Life Coach, allowing others to achieve their goals through her support using online technology.

Dabney’s work did not go unnoticed.  She quickly began fielding and accepting speaking engagements both domestic and international.

As Dabney shared her skills and talent to audiences around the globe, she found that everyone has a strong desire to connect and support one another, despite distances and miles that may separate them.

Around the same time, the social media boom that evolved in the late 2000’s was continuing to pick up steam. For a natural “people person,” connector and lover of technology, Dabney embraced the first iterations of online interactivity.

Dabney’s rapidly growing worldwide audience led her to launch numerous online communities and a variety of new media channels. No matter where you live, the info structures that Dabney has in place, allow anyone to connect for support, education, inspiration and friendship via the social web.

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